Best hotels jobs in the world


 Best hotels jobs in the world Luxury Hotel jobs 

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Today (June 12 ,2022): Top best hotels jobs in the world.

Best hotels jobs in the world
Best hotels jobs in the world

The question I am asked most often is what is your favorite hotel in the world?”. It’s somewhat difficult to answer that question since I prefer to rank hotels in different categories according to the experience they offer, whether it be a city break, a romantic getaway, a wilderness experience or a beach holiday. Nevertheless, there are a few luxury hotels that have left such an overwhelming impression on me that I rank them amongst my most memorable travel experiences ever. So, here you go: this is my top 10 list of the world’s most beautiful and amazing luxury hotels (and I highly recommend to put them on your bucket list as well).

There is more information (with reviews and YouTube clips) below the slideshow. What is your favorite hotel in the world? Leave a comment, or take my poll below.

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Almost suspended between sea and sky, Belmond Hotel Caruso occupies a former medieval palace. Located at the highest, quietest point of Ravello, the luxury hotel overlooks the rocks and cliffs of Italy’s Amalfi Coast and the Mediterranean (or, more correctly, Tyrrhenian) Sea. With frescoed salons, arched stone vaults and just 50 highly individual rooms and suites occupying every shape and corner of the ancient palace’s architecture, it is an intimate retreat with an intriguing sense of history. But above all, with its rose arbor leading to one of the world’s most spectacular infinity pools, with sunlit or candlelit dining in the Belvedere Restaurant, and with a rich sense of its past as a retreat for presidents, writers and film stars, the hotel is almost impossibly romantic.

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